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We are Invictus

We are here to educate and support young men to become leaders in their own lives.

Mental illness now impacts over 20 million young men every year. Relentless pressure to achieve, mixed messaging and lack of support cause severe anxiety and depression – the two most common mental illnesses in young men. Combine the constant pressure with toxic masculine ideologies (i.e. never ask for help, never show weakness, etc.) and we’ve created an aimless generation of young men that suffer needlessly, in silence and alone. The ramifications are nation-wide and affect us all.

Mental Health in Young Men: A Silent Crisis

Research shows that men account for:






Homicide Victims


Federal Prison Inmates


Gang Members

But there’s hope.
Invictus was founded to show young men they aren’t alone.

The Invictus program incorporates curriculum in conjunction with structured group mentoring. Studies show that mentoring in combination with curriculum consistently have a positive effect on mental health symptoms and generate positive overall outcomes in youth with mental health challenges (National Mentoring Resource Center).

Leadership is the primary theme of the curriculum. But it’s not leadership in the traditional sense of title and position. We develop personal leadership – the ability to lead one’s self. Invictus promotes young men to explore a life of purpose and uses digital resources such as movies and music as tools to organize and catalyze discussion.


All young men ages 14-24 are welcome regardless of socio-economic status, religion, immigration status, orientation or ethnicity. We build a nurturing, learning environment in which we hold each other accountable through inclusion, support, and education instead of exclusion, punishment and judgement.

invictus legacy leadership