Anne Hart

Alumni Director

“Aha Moment” – when it clicked for me:

During a lifting session in the final lead up to the 2018 Olympic qualifying races, my strength coach Max Lipset (loudly) reminded me that any pain I was in was my own doing. I had chosen to be there, at that moment, putting myself through some kind of wall-ball hell. I suddenly understood that anything is easy if you don’t care about it — it is the pursuit of excellence that is hard.

Why Invictus

Invictus taught me to get out of my own way — in athletics, academics, and life more broadly.  Throughout the sessions I discovered mental hurdles I didn’t know existed, and learned how to healthily unleash my inner winning-addict.  At the same time, however, I gained an appreciation for letting go of perceived failures (a win is not always a win and the same is true for a loss), and worked on developing a self-sustaining platform for navigating life.  Invictus made me more resilient, compassionate, and excellent in all arenas during any type of weather.

  • Minnesota State High School Champion in Cross Country Skiing (2009); runner-up (2010)
  • 4x representing US Ski Team at World Juniors/U23 World Championships
  • 5x NCAA All-American in Cross Country Skiing at Dartmouth College
  • 2018 Winter Olympian, sport of Cross Country Skiing
  • NYC Marathon 2018 finishing time 3:16
  • 2L at Boston College Law School (top 5% after 1L year; GPA 3.979)
  • Self-proclaimed exceptional chef