John D’Agostini


“Aha Moment” – when it clicked for me:

I got swept up by society’s influences about masculinity and what it means to be a “man.” Those beliefs weighed me down and caused me to struggle with mental illness for over a decade. It was tough to shake but it all “clicked” for me after I learned to ask for help, listen to others and be vulnerable. Mentors supported me through that growth process and helped me realize that it is not the load that wears you down. It’s how you carry it.

Why Invictus

The mental health crisis is real. Society force feeds young men warped perspectives that completely disregard personal growth, emphasize short-term results and exalt the rat race. Young men aren’t given permission to discover who they are or self-actualize. As a result, young men lack purpose and have been disenfranchised as a whole. It’s heartbreaking to see so much potential and joy go unrealized. Invictus came to be what it is because we challenge those archaic perspectives. We develop young men by educating and supporting them to become leaders in their own lives. We help them seek purpose and find value in the journey (not just the destination).

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Division I Athlete (Football and Baseball)
  • Army Veteran
  • Sports Performance Trainer
  • Leadership Coach
  • Curriculum Development (CITRS)
  • Fortune 50 Consultant (ADP), SOAR Leadership Award
  • Entrepreneur