Marissa D’Agostini

Alternative Solutions Consultant

“Aha Moment” – when it clicked for me:
When my first son was born, the weight of the responsibility of forming another human life hit me incredibly hard. I realized that giving this boy a healthy, balanced life and identity required more than just being a good mother. Modeling positive behavior and relationships, providing a support system and creating a community to help guide him through life’s challenges became a priority in my own life journey.
Why Invictus
Mentors and community are essential to helping boys achieve a positive sense of their own strengths and identities, and helping them navigate the challenges they will encounter as they seek and build an authentic self in the transition to adulthood. The Invictus curriculum and family provide youth with positive experiences in social relationships, which improves life skills and other important relationships in their lives. Regardless of background, family, opportunity or socioeconomic status, the support system and growth opportunities Invictus offers are invaluable and deeply impactful in the lives of those who commit to learning and living its values.

  • Juris Doctor, University of Minnesota
  • B.A., Psychology, Amherst College (Varsity Basketball Captain)
  • Certified practitioner, Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA)