Sam Deignan


“Aha Moment” – when it clicked for me:

I had my worst game of the season and didn’t know how I could “fix” my issues quickly. John helped me learn that there are no shortcuts to achieve anything worthwhile. I realized I would have to focus on fundamentals every day in order to improve my performance and confidence. Focusing on the fundamentals gave me the foundation to purposefully improve myself not only as a basketball player but also as a person. Invictus preaches the “brick by brick” approach, and that conversation with John helped me implement that philosophy into my daily life.

Why Invictus

There are millions of young men in the United States who have untapped potential hidden under anxiety, depression, etc. Invictus is a gateway for those young men to become the men they are truly meant to be, and I want to continue to be a part of making that change happen.

  • Senior at The Blake School
  • Basketball Player, Captain
  • Sport Enthusiast
  • Music Lover